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to the peak of his power in virginia, because, ultimately, he was chased out of virginia, but during the summer and fall of 1775 he was very effective in sending of troops arrayed plantations. he was stirring up the indians. he promised to blacks that ran away from their plantations and came to him they could find refuge and get their freedom in the british army. he even stirred up insurrection of indentured servants. in october and november, not only did it look like he might succeed but there were rumors that he was going to send a party in the area of alexandria, virginia. the threat was implicitly -- that he would capture martha washington. george washington is up there in massachusetts were about his wife. even thomas jefferson word about his wife &. i put that in. i did not dwell on it. it's a footnote or something like that. but washington had a personal concern, too. >> what was dunmore's position? >> he was and earl and a governor of virginia and a man of some talent and a lot of inability to make a judgment, because he was so caught up in his potential success and himself.
and access and i was asked to talk about what va. -- west wets -- what west virginia does. west virginia does have identification laws and many of them follow what many other states to as far as when it comes to the health of america voted act. i will give you a brief of what it takes. since we had our discussions today, this is a very bad thing from what i am understanding. i am trying to get rid of this in west virginia. this is your mail in voter registration application. this costs about $6 and i would like to be able to have on-line registration. the help america vote act -- if you register by mail and not provide some kind of photo identification, you have to provide that by mailing it in or the first time ago but, you need to show that identification of who you are or if you go in person to the clerk's office, you show identification for showing a copy of the utility bill or other government document that shows your name and current residence address. we require that in west virginia and when you go to go in west virginia, time and again, you cannot show a photo id but you have to stat
as close to the peak of his power in virginia because ultimately he was chased out of virginia. but during the summer and fall of 1775, he was very effective in sending out troops to raid plantations. he was stirring up the indians. they could find refuge and get the fleet of the british army. even stirred up the insurrection of indentured servants. not only did it look like he might succeed, but there were rumors that he would ascend the party in the area of alexandria, virginia. george washington is up there in massachusetts worried about his wife. even thomas jefferson worried about his wife at the same time. and i put that in. i did not dwell on it. i think it is a footnote or something like that. but washington had a personal concern there, too. >> lord dunmore, what was his position? >> he was the royal governor of virginia and he was also a guy with an incredible ego. an awful lot of inability to make decisions because he was so caught up in himself and his potential success. >> you called him combative, touchy and arrogant. >> well, arrogant like so many of the british aristocracy
migrating through southwestern virginia. that will continue to push our way and bring us in light wintry mix about lunchtime. 26 in a country village, 25 in waldorf, 23 in bristow. 28 in aldie. a light, wintry mix around noon and then kept in light rain fall in the afternoon. damp roads is all that's expected. high temperature of 42. >> some travelers could be dealing with a nightmare before and after christmas. meteorologist are talking about two big storms. >> get ready for a white christmas across parts of the u.s.. this is video from reno nevada, where visibility was an issue as drivers tried to make their way through a snowstorm. >> in syracuse, new york snowplows working overtime. this is the city's first snowstorm of the season. residents bracing for more. >> in california, dealing with severe flooding. this is video from sonoma county. entire intersections lacked under water. >> we want to go to breaking news. a fatal shooting in the capitol hill area. >> john gonzalez is there on the scene where it happened. police are looking for two suspects? >> that's right. a very active crime
in the morning. >> the biggest gun show in east coast kicks off in northern virginia. they're expecting bigger c with my keurig vue brewer i can brew my coffee just the way i love it. how do you do that? inside the brewer, there's this train that makes coffee stronger, bigger, and hotter! actually, i just press this button. brew what you love with the keurig vue. >> police lined up for their chance -- people lined up to see a large assortment of guns being offered a this week and's gun show in chantilly, virginia. >> protesters joined the outside. the northern virginia bureau chief jeff goldberg of live with more. >> before this show open about 3:00 this afternoon, the lines were huge. when the doors finally did open, people rushed in, resulting in what we're seeing here now. huge crowds. you can hardly make your way around this room. it is quite possible that a lot people here did not plan to attend until after new town. in in nine years since the so- called nation gun show started its run in northern virginia, no crowd has ever been this big. >> a lot of people are looking out for th
will be changing soon. the "storm watch forecast. plus what this unsuspecting virginia woman got instead of an ipad. >> new at 11:00, same-sex couples in maryland are counting down the hours to the new year, when they will legally be allowed to marry. we talked to a silver spring couple about their plans and why the law means so much to them. >> days away from the data have been waiting for since they met. -- the day they have been waiting for since they met. they will be one of the first couple's to wed with me same-sex marriage law takes effect new year's day. the couple will be on the eastern shore to exchange bows. >> we, were part of a pioneer of movement, just like the suffragettes. >> they will be wearing matching, tuxedos, nicely pressed. in the top things off with a manicure and pedicure. their union will be a marriage, not a civil union. >> there is something deeper, spiritually. >> you are married when it is legitimized by your friends your family, and your country. >> the day after the law passed, early november, i felt a lift. i felt like and walked a little bit taller that day. >> it
a winter storm is brunging plenty of snow to -- bringing plenty of snow to ohio and west virginia tonight before heading our way in the northeast. let's take a live look outside right now, no snow yet, but some local areas could see it in a few hours. we'll check in now on the latest, gary mcgrady in the weather center. >> hey, a few areas up north and west as we'll see here on radar, it looks like some of this is coming in pretty quick to the northwest, western maryland, hagerstown maybe seeing a few flakes in the next 15, 20 minutes. there's also the possibility some of this is not really reaching the ground out there as we still have fairly dry low levels, but eventually it will and we will get snow around here for just about everybody by overnight tonight. if you're south and east of the city, kind of that line of i- 95, then chances are you're probably going to get maybe a little light snow and then it will be going over to rain. look, for us this is not a big storm. it's going to become a fairly substantial storm once it gets offshore tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. it's going
into some wintry precipitation. right now getting some rain down in tennessee, southwestern virginia and kentucky. ahead of that under the clouds we have temperatures cold. we're in the 20s to right around the freezing mark in washington and the nearby suburbs. right near the bay it's a little bit above freezing but away from waters below freezing. into the shenandoah valley and mountains, most locations in the 20s. in fact, even colder. east of the mountains we don't have any weather advisories but there is one out for western maryland and into west virginia. a combination maybe of some icing and some maybe light snow there later today. if you are heading west, you may be running into that later today and for the metro area a cold, calm dry morning and then by noontime might get a little bit of snow and sleet perhaps to our west and north otherwise light rain moving into the metro area and maybe a little bit of sleet mixing in with some rain western northern suburbs mid afternoon and all rain after that and we'll be hovering near 40 degrees during the afternoon. a look at christmas
. cloudiness over our region. farther to our south we have sprinkles of light rain southern virginia into the carolinas. more moderate showers now moving into eastern tennessee and kentucky and that's going to be advancing toward the metro area but not until late this morning and perhaps during the afternoon we'll get some of that rain moving in. right now it's cold. below freezing. all of virginia, all of maryland except near the waters and in west virginia and some locations it's down into upper teens to near 20 degrees. so as that moisture arrives later today, coming into that cold air it will probably cause some icing these counties in the lavender and counties that you see in the darker color under a winter weather advisory maybe snow there. icing and snow if you are heading west into the mountains later this morning and into the afternoon. around the metro area, might get wet snow and sleet around noontime early afternoon but well above freezing changing to all rain mid to late afternoon and that continuing into tonight. i'll show you your christmas eve forecast in ten minutes.
over v m i, 76-67. in the second game of this tournament, virginia andtony bennett, winner of 6 in a row. second half, odu goes on a run. the monarchs build a 7-point lead. the deficit is 4. joe harris misses. the putback and the foul. the cavaliers down by 1. final seconds of this game. old dominion is up by 2 now. they miss the free throw. virginia has a chance to tie it but watch. this the ball off the hands of joe harris. old dominion shocks virginia 63- 61. uva is now 0-3 this season again the caa. >>> after suffering their worst loss of the season last night in detroit, wizards head coach randy wittman called the performance embarrassing. bradley beal was back and nenj started his first game of the season. wizards would score just 13 points in the first quarter. down 17, crawford behind the back, dishes to vesely for the dunk. nenj steals here, resulting in a bradley lay-in. beats who missed the last two games had 14 point tonight. the wizards would get as close as 2. fourth quarter a play that sums up the season. vesely trying to get the ball. beal follows, he hits the be
stadium, syracuse and west virginia in a pregame scrum. talk about bah humbug. trailing 12-0. smith, a wide receiver to bailey. and he breaks the tackle, takes up a distant 32 yards for the score. that cuts the deficit to 12-7. third quarter, same score. syracuse's pass deflected and right into the hands of becket rails. the teamwork to a touchdown and back in front by 12. later, prince tyson gullo the carry and kicks it outside. nobody, i mean nobody's going to catch him. 67 yards for the td and finishes with 215 rushing yards. wing it 38-14. >>> tomorrow is a meaningful sunday of football for many teams. some vying for homefield advantage, some a higher seed and some just a spot in the post season. 10612 play-off spots were clenched, including all six in the afc and that means two spots are up for grabs. will the redskins get one of those? this guy hopes so. robert griffin 3, his athletic age allowed the redskins to open up their offense and a threat with the legs, rushing for over 700 yards and six touchdowns and he has a canon of an arm. twenty touchdown passes, just five inter
player was recruited to play nose guard at ferrum college in virginia where he appears on the roster in 2012 as a sophomore. cob said he was a great football player and human being. swingle's mom, lorena, said she knew stringfellow since he was a kid. >> he is a good kid, takes care of the other ones, came to the games, would be on the sidelines, trying to hype up the kids, and it's just so upsetting someone like that would just be gone. >> reporter: swingle and the other players return to high school this week made harder now that stringfellow, number 53, is off the field forever. >> especially hard without him because he was the one that was always having the positive attitude, positive outlook, and just looking out for everyone. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4. >>> to the weather now. snow fell around our area earlier today but little of it stuck. there were flurries in d.c., virginia, and maryland but by late this afternoon the snow had turned to rain so tonight transportation crews are concerned about icy roads. v dot deployed trucks to pretreat bridges and highways to preven
in virginia. this was an accident and a car fire. it will take a look at a map. that is northbound at route 28. that is right after i-66. that has been closed for a few hours. we're getting a report that some traffic may be squeezing by to the left. also the ramp from eastbound 66 to go north on 28 in centerville has been blocked for a few hours. watch for some activity. some traffic is now getting by. >> thank you. our big story this morning, what a great time to be wearing a burgundy and gold. the redskins are headed to the playoffs after beating dallas sunday night. the wind makes the redskins the nfc east champs -- for the first time since 1999. robert griffin the third -- robert griffin iii but all in perspective. >> i was 9 years old in 1999. i stand before you at 22 and the redskins are nfc champions. to me, it is incredible. this is the first time the redskins had a chance since 1999. we did it in one year. the sky is the limit for this team, not only this year, but in the future. >> next up for the redskins, the seattle seahawks. that game is sunday at 4:30 at fedex field. >> rg3 even
with breaking news. a dramatic scene in springfield, virginia. firefighters went to a house with flames shooting through the roof. >> tonight, investigators think a gas leak may be to blame. shomari stone is live on the scene. >> reporter: there is an active scene out here right now. fire investigators are here right now. they have their flashlights trying to figure out skpaktly what sparked this blaze. it was a huge response. dozens of firefighters. the sides of this house is destroyed. let me show you some amateur home video released moments ago. fairfax county firefighters say flames were shooting out of the roof when they arrived. the firefighters on scene forced their way inside. they had to tear out the wall. it was completely engulfed in flames and they had to put it out. now, tonight, they suspect that a natural gas line located on the side of the house started leaking and something ignited. let's show you some video from chopper 4. right now, they're trying to figure out what caused this thing to spark. the good news is the neighbors didn't have to evacuate and the family who lives here
in blue are generally in the low 30s and 20s. covers much of virginia and maryland and west virginia and all around the northeast, all the way down to the carolinas into the midwest. it is below freezing. and we've got a clear sky now. there are some high clouds drifting in the midwest. they'll be coming our way later today. here's your forecast hour by hour through the day. cold morning, dress accordingly. by noontime, still cold, only around 40. ought to hit mid 40s by mid afternoon. latest on that and the hometown forecast will be coming up in just ten minutes. back the you. >>> we are following some breaking news right now on the beltway. tony tull is lye on the scene with the latest. good morning, tony. >> richard, good morning. a few folks out there waking up and travel the outer loop near the 270 split. it's going to be a rough morning for you here. you can see a tractor-trailer overturned on its side. this happened just a couple hours ago. right now, we have -- looks like one lane of the outer loop blocked. right now they have a tow truck here. they're going to try to up righ
talked about, doing a lot of those things in virginia as well. we had an incoming governor -- when governor mcdonnell came into office in 2010, we inherited a budget shortfall of $6 billion. part of that 1.8 billion was in the last six months of fiscal 201$2010. and the other four plus billion of that associated with the next biennium. so the first thing we did after he was inaugurated, we figured out how to fill the hole without outgoing taxes. he had a personal income tax increase to offset part of that, and requested state roll back car tax relief implemend years prior. our mandate from the governor working with finance secretary to do it, balance the budget, required to in virginia by the constitution and without raising taxes. proud to say governor mcdonnell's leadership in that six month time period, not only did we erase the deficit, without raising taxes, but wound up with a $400 million surplus in july of 2010. now, we have hadurpluses for ea of the years after that. we had one in 2011 and again in 2012. they've averaged anywhere from $550 million to the lowest was in 2010
of the west virginia state society, i would like to introduce ira shapiro. [applause] >> thank you for the kind introduction. thank you to the society for giving me the chance to be here. thanks to mike who did so much to organize the event. he is an old friend. thank you, mike. i'm delighted to be here today with corbin. we have two books that talk about robert byrd from different perspectives. my book is basically about the senate and the last great senate as i refer to it. senator byrd was the majority leader during the period of time i wrote about. it gives you an ensemble sense of how the senate works. the book originated in 2008. i had been in the senate in the 1970s and 1980s. by 2008, i decided the senate had become utterly unrecognizable to me. polarized and paralyzed, really quite dysfunctional. i decided to write a book about the senate when it was great, specifically when i was there. [laughter] when you do something like that , you have a certain risk factor. was it really great? was it only seem great because i was there or because i was young? fortunately, the answer
of some light rain just now beginning to move into southwestern virginia, southern west virginia into kentucky and tennessee. it's advancing off to the north and east. it will take a while to get here. maybe around noontime may get sleet and maybe wet snowflakes around the blueridge. temperatures are around freezing. reagan national at 32. up near the bay it's milder. we do have a freezing rain advisory and freezing rain warning. this is all of these areas in pink and areas in the lavender are under a winter weather advisory for an inch of snow and icing that will occur today as that system moves in. farther east we're not going to have any problems with this bit of sleet and maybe some wet snowflakes initially and it does look like we will have that beginning around noontime and then during the afternoon a bit of a blustery wind. we'll have that sleet mixing with some rain perhaps from time to time around our western northern suburbs. i'll be back with a look at what may happen this christmas eve in ten minutes. >> things are looking good right now on the interstates southbound
, virginia. this is what happened. earlier police say a teen was inside the home. there was a knock, and when the teen opened the door, a man claimed to work for a cable company. he asked for a person and then the teen said that this person does not live here. so he leaves, but then he returns, this time he threatens the teen, forces himself inside the home. then forces the teen inside a bedroom and sexually assaults her. the teen, according to police, screamed and kicked at the man who then fled. now, we spoke to the sister earlier this evening, and she says that she just wants justice to be served. we believe we have some sound ready for you to talk about how this teen is doing tonight, how the family is coming together. the neighborhood is alerted. that there are prayers going on for this family. we want to first show you, if we have it, a picture of the suspect. it's a pretty good sketch released by police in prince william county. this is a black man wearing a beanie in his 20's. he is of medium build. we believe he was wearing a gray jacket, red shirt, black pants and shoes. i believe w
in virginia. no issues to the beltway. richard, over to you. >>> the edge of the fiscal cliff is just 25 days away, but today lawmakers are headed home for a long weekend with no meetings on the looming crisis planned. yesterday's negotiations cons t consisted of a phone call between president obama and house speaker john boehner. both are still sticking so their separate plans. the president raises taxes on the top 2% to raise 1.6 billion in revenue while the gop wants to close tax loopholes to raise half as much. >> there are ways to limit deductions, close loopholes and have the same people pay more of their money to the federal government without raising tax rates. >> we can probably solve this in about a week. it's not that tough. but we need that breakthrough that says we need to do a balanced plan. >> the white house says they are also concerned that republicans may use the debt ceiling, which will need to be raised early next year, to get their way on tax and spending cuts. the pentagon is also preparing to make cuts if no deal is reached. the preliminary plan is to cut $500 billion
northern virginia bureau chief has more on the newfound hope for the family. >> he has missed the last putt 12 christmases. >> this time, terry steinberg hopes that her son, who has sat in solitary confinement on death row 11 years will be free. she was shot after she learned yesterday he could be released any time. >> we are grateful for the release. >> but not angry at to not come sooner. >> getting angry does not help anything. i cannot be sad for we have lost christmases birthdays, holidays. >> he was convicted for a drug conviction. last month, a judge overturned the conviction, that prosecutors had evidence that could have hurt their case. they gave 120 days to retry wolfe but they failed to do so. the judge also barred prosecutors in the state from retrying him again. >> he has never wavered over 12 years. >> the prince william county prosecutor said, "we respectfully disagree with judge's decision." for steinberg, that could mean freedom for her son and all those who love him. >> it will be so good to put peace back in the home again for my family. >> jeff goldberg, abc 7 news. >> a
are with them in pray. >> the virginia tech community is showing respect and their helmets will have stickers honoring the total number of victims from the sandy hook elementary school and the virginia tech. >>> the busill cuis the oldest nation catholic building and the history is part of what makes it is special place. >> it is one of the two most holiest days of year and we always come to mass on christmas or christmas eve. it is nice ceremony and it is nice with the choir. >> it has been able to remain open during the repairs prom the hurricane. sometimes it is easy to forget a a lot of people don't celebrate christmas. jewish people were full of the holiday spirits and people were busy making care packages that contain water bottles, but volunteers they that is not what the people appreciated the most. >> you can see see wanted to be part of the holiday spirit and someone to wish her a happy holiday. >> 1500 care packages were made and delivered to local shelters and soup kitchens. >>> kids ask for all kinds of things from santa clause and he had a tall order for a 4-year-old in south ca
virginia si permite el derecho al voto a ex-convictos. en los deportes le contaremos como les fue a los wizard que sorpresivamente ganaron. amigas y amigos que tal?... bienvenidos!!veel presidente ba dijo esta tarde que mantenia la esperanza de un acuerdo para evitar el denominado abismo fiscal... esto tras una reunion con lideres del congreso... claudia si el congreso no logra un acuerdo sobre el abismo fiscal antes de fin de ano, los precios de la leche podrian aumentar de manera significativa... segun los entendidos, el aumento podria ser mas de 3-dolares el galon, debido a que el pais volverian a las politicas de hace seis decadas atras... el departamen to de agricultura ha senalado que los precio no subirian de inmediato el proximo ano... la agencia esta explorando todas las opciones para evitar que se produzca el senado aprobo hoy un paquete de emergencia de 60-mil 400 millones dolares en ayuda para las victimas del huracan sandy, que habian sido respaldados por los democrata s... tambien se aprobo una enmienda para regular la entrega de fondos para los damnificados, que busca
in newland, virginia in the northern neck and fredricksburg is at 30. we're only going to be in the low 40s. looks like we're fine this afternoon. a little wet at times -- i mean fine this morning, wet this afternoon and a wintry mix north and west but the roads will be too warm for anything but wet streets. let's check in with liz and looking pretty quiet out there. >> reporter: thank you. very, very quiet. we'll start with your ride on 95 through virginia. it's so much less volume filled than usual. 95 north looks good on the trip up from fredricksburg. no problems near occoquan. here we have the view of 395 right around duke street. you can see there's plenty of space between cars there so nothing to trip you up by getting in and out of alexandria making the ride into downtown. as we switch over to the maryland side of things, 270 could be a busier route as the day goes along. a lot of folks going to travel to and from christmas eve dinner. as you can see all things quiet on the montrose roadside. no problems in towards the beltway. that is your latest check of timesaver traffic. back to
at these wind gust from earlier today. wintergreen, virginia, 61 miles .er hour keep in mind they are about 36 feet above sea level. our forecast as you wake up early tomorrow morning, temperatures in the mid-20's to 30's. lots of sunshine. the sun will rise at 7:24 a.m. there might be a chance of a few flakes of snow. details coming up in a few minutes. we are less than 10 days from the country reaching the so- called fiscal cliff. the president and congress have left town for the holidays. house speaker boehner is in and obama is in hawaii. >> i'm stuck here in washington americans from showing more money to uncle sam next year. the gauche nations between white house and house speaker speaker boehner fell apart. negotiations between the white house and house eager .peaker boehner fell apart the president said that he is to working on a smaller deal avoid the fiscal cliff. >> the president is making changes when it comes to his inauguration. this time there will only be o official balls. there'll be a concert honoring .he lee terry families saturdaye held on before inauguration. out of egypt,
in afghanistan. he was 42 santa claus from pennsylvania. he was a member of seal team 4, virginia beach. asked the team responsible for afghanistan police to fight the taliban in country.arts of the eight days from the fiscal cliff deadline. there's no movement from lighter side. a south carolina congressman is voted against who speaker john boehner's plan b. he says passing the plan would not have changed the outcome. >> the reason i was against plan was i am not convinced the senate was ever going to take tips up. people feel all the house had to the endass the bill at of a discussion. beginning from the continue to believe the in notnt has no interest over the cliff. >> congress is not expected to meet again until after christmas. >> investigators are searching deadly gunman behind a double shooting in northeast d.c. of4-year-old raymond harris northwest and 69-year-old l beasley jr. of south east were shot early saturday morning. harrison died at the scene and r died at the hospital. no word on what led to the shooting. d.c. teenager shot the leg at a bus stop earlier month received a spec
. anyone who thinks they have been scant is asked to call -- been scammed is asked to call. >> in virginia, it is petitioning to be punishable as a reckless driving. in addition to the proposed texting crackdown it also imposes tougher laws for a illegal cigarette tracking -- trafficking. both jurisdictions have higher tobacco taxes. cigarette smuggling has dramatically increased in virginia because it is more profitable than drug dealing. >> president obama has declared a major disaster in d.c. after super storm sandy. this opens up federal money to help cover any emergency work and repairs from the powerful storm. the money will be used to invest in measures to protect against future disasters. more funds to open down the road depended on further damage assessment. >> coming up, an attempted steal thousands. police say someone tried to blow up an atm machine. >> starbucks can be expensive and not. we will tell you what the company wants you to spend $400 this holiday season. on one item. >> the showdown over the fiscal cliff. a new poll suggests president obama has the american people's
? >>> and "buckwild." why a senator from west virginia is demanding that mtv pull the plug on a new reality show being described as "jersey shore" meets "honey boo boo." >>> i'm trying to imagine the pitch meeting where someone said "jersey shore" meets honey boo boo. and the executive said, sold. >> i have an idea for a great show. >>> we have a lot of stories to cover this morning. good morning, everyone, at home. >>> this is what we have been talking about. take a look at this. seems like an ordinary restaurant check. what is that on top? the words "fat girls" printed on the bill. and if that wasn't bad enough, wait until you find out the reaction when the women who got the check complained to the manager. gives new meaning to the customer always being right. not in this case. >> they weren't in the mood to give a big tip after that one. >>> also, this is sunday, football sunday, but for the second week in a row the nfl is dealing with disaster. coming up, what caused the fatal crash involving the dallas cowboys player? >>> also new footage raising new questions about the murder/suicide last week i
republicans. and so far, they remain silent. in 2010 west virginia senator joe mancion, a lifetime member of the nra ran this memorable a ad. >> as your senator, i'll protect your second amendment rights. i sued epa and i'll take dead aim at the cap and trade bill. >> on monday, manchin just one of among a handful of democrats who say when it comes to restrictions on guns, everything should be in the table. >> i don't know in my opinion in the sporting or hunting arena that goes out with an assault rifle. i don't know anybody that needs 30 rounds in a clip to go hunting. >> i've had an nra rating of an a. but, you know, enough is enough. my -- i've got -- i'm the father of three daughteres and this weekend, they all said, dad, you know, how can this go on? >> senator elect joe donnelley who was elected on a strong pro gun agenda, he said in an e-mail that, quote, all parties must come to the table to work on legislation. and democratic leader harry r d reid, a long standing supporter of guns himself, he went to the floor to say he is open to new legislation on guns. >> we need to accept
, virginia with a two by four will be in court. the incident happened last week in strasburg. 33-year-old christopher johnson wrote high-powered rifle on the board. police say he made general statements about school safety. nobody was hurt. johnson is now charged with disorderly conduct. >>> today is the first day of the nation's gun show in chantilly. protesters plan to be out in full force. the group code pink is preparing to demonstrate outside the dulles expo center. do you remember this? this was at that nra announcement. the group interrupted that conference last week and say they want stricter regulations when it comes to buying guns. >> rules on gun shows are very loose. and feeling is that this is not a sane way to protect you and me and our kids. >> despite the protests, gun stores say they've actually seen a huge increase in sales because many fear stricter regulations in light of the newtown school shooting. >> 6:05 is our time now. we're a little more than 48 hours away if one of the biggest redskins games in five years. the skins face off against the cowboys sunday night
, president obama visited a virginia couple who is worried about what happened. if the -- happened if the nation goes over the fiscal cliff. >> we must never lose site of that if recovering from sandy is not a local issue but a national matter. >> and lawmakers from areas affected by sandy ask the federal government for more help. gary. >> and thank you, will. it's been cold today even with the sunshine. and, of course, sue just alluded to the fact that it's real chilly out there tonight to light the tree. it's got to be chilly when you light the tree, right? a first look at the forecast and how cold it's going to be this evening, and we'll start talking about a little cold rain coming across and coming up with the forecast. the news will continue, to to. stay with us.  . >>> president obama visited foster's, virginia, earlier today, pitching his plan to end the standoff over the fiscal cliff. meantime on capitol hill, lawmakers began talking about what will and won't happen if a deal can't be reached in 25 days. tom fitzgerald is following it all. tom, the presid
serve two search warrants. it will not say what it is looking for. >>> police in virginia think somebody wanted the money in an atm and set a bomb to get it. the blast in fredericksburg, virginia, this morning did not do anything to the cash machine at virginia credit union, except give it a few burn marks. a bomb squad technician checked out the scene to make sure it was safe. the bank stayed open all day. police say there is surveillance video of the incident from about 4:00 this morning. they have not made any arrests at this point. >>> gang violence may be responsible for the murder of a teenager in prince george's county. he was 14 years old and he was shot early this morning in louisdale. pat collins is live at the police headquarters where they're trying to piece together exactly what happened. pat? >> reporter: wendy, a 14-year-old hanging out with gang members ends up dead, shot and killed in a drive-by. the victim, eliez reyes. he goes by the name of cheche. reyes shot and killed this morning. he was 14 years old. police describe it as a gang-related murder. here's why. >> we'v
. coming up on news4. why a west virginia senator is so upset about the network's newest reality show. ♪ >>> and psy comes to d.c. and brings along with him a political controversy. how an 8-year-old video could change some people's opinions about the gung many style singer. that's up next. >>> we're still in the thick of it. >> we are. this fog has been tough to burn off. >> we were talking westerly lingo during the break. we have a weather wedgie. we're kind of stuck there in the pocket with the clouds and dreary and fog. it just won't lift. so we're going to see some improvement, but not until tomorrow where we get the sunshine back, but wait until you see what the temperatures will be like. >>> let's head outside, we're talking temps, it almost feels like spring, especially if our doubt south. we've been socked in with the fog. haguerstown maryland, 3/10 of a mile. everywhere else we're doing just fine, but boy it was thick and low. the visibilities of the early part of the day today. right now we're just seeing some really drizzle across the area, and damp conditions. the bulk
. starting to settle here across virginia, maryland. still rather gusty up north. 31-mile-per-hour wind gusts in hagerstown, maryland. 28 in wilkes-barre. there is the front, a long front from eastern new york this morning right through our area and down into eastern tennessee. bringing some rain. most of which was down to the south. areas of southern maryland, and down through southeastern virginia. off the coast right now of virginia, with very little rain left. as a matter of fact, high pressure's moved in and we've got a clear sky. the numbers tell the story. we're at 46 degrees gaithersburg. warmest part of the day at 5:00 a.m. 59 in raleigh with temperatures dropping. look at the 30s up to the north. western new york and pennsylvania, and around michigan, already in the 30s. that's where the cool and cold air is. it's going to settle in on us tonight and throughout the day tomorrow. in fact, we're going to be a couple of degrees below average. so for tomorrow morning, coats back on, folks. and button them up, too. we'll start out in the 20s and low to mid-30s across the area. after a ch
. you can see the activity in the carolinas, pushing to southwest virginia. we are several hours away before any rain shower activity arrives. temperatures are cold enough for winter weather right now. 33 at reagan national. cold chunk of air across the northeastern corridor here. 25 up in binghamton. 26 this morning in pittsburgh. 28 in detroit. here is the forecast today. generally just going to be rain showers. we will get a push of warm air ahead of the precip. that will push temperatures in the upper 30s and low 40s. the further north and west, temperatures are hanging out above freezing in places like fredricks, martinsburg, winchester. you could see an icy mix. most will see a transition of light rain. it should be out of here quickly tonight and back in the sunshine for christmas day. i will have more details in a minute. >> thank you, tucker. >>> time to check in with traffic and hello, new man. >> good morning, wisdom. how redundant is that. woodrow wilson bridge, light volume. with schools closed, federal government closed, that would account for most of the volume at this
from michigan, mr. conyers, the incoming chair of the judiciary committee, my colleague from virginia, mr. goodlatte and the gentleman from north carolina, mr. watt, who worked diligently on this bill and i recognize the leadership of senator lay high and i -- leahy. and i reserve the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman reserves the balance of his time. the gentleman from texas is -- the gentleman from texas -- mr. scott: i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the gentleman from virginia yields back the gentleman from texas. mr. smith: i yield back the balance of my time. the speaker pro tempore: the question is will the house concur in the senate amendments to h.r. 6029? those in favor say aye. those opposed, no. in the opinion of the chair, 2/3 being in the affirmative, the rules are suspended -- the gentleman from virginia. mr. scott: i object to the vote on the ground that a quorum is not present and make a point of order that a quorum is not present. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to clause of rule 20, further proceedings on this
, but it could create some problems on the roads. crews say they're ready. the highways in virginia and maryland have been pretreated ahead of the storm. hundreds of snow plows are on standby as people do what they do when they hear bad weather coming. they stock up on supplies. doug's going to el us how just how much we can expect and when. doug. >> yeah, jim. we're watching this storm actually make its way in right now. i think the pretreatment of the roadways is going to help in a big way as we make our way through the night tonight into early tomorrow morning. 38 degrees at the airport. winds out at the northeast at 3 miles an hour. no windchill to talk about. it's a fairly nice friday evening. as we make our way into saturday morning, we're going to run into a few problems. this is why. take a look at the temperatures. 38 here. below freezing well to the north and west including manassas, leesburg, and frederick. that means anything that does fall will most likely start to stick on the roadways and of course on other surfaces as well. any of the secondary roads could be problematic early to
on interstate 95 in virginia. no. the through stafford and our and over theg inoquan and here we are springfield. 395.e trip continues on to the beltway is running without any problems in virginia and maryland. in maryland on 95, 295 at the b- parkway, and john hanson by bowie, of annapolis and all quiet. back to you. >> thank you. we want to get to breaking news following out of adelphi. there's a barricade situation in progress at an apartment complex. >> a bizarre story. taking place in the 1800 block greenwichwood drive. brianne carter her is joining us live. good morning. large police presence on the scene. we are inside an apartment complex in adelphi. what authorities are telling us around 10:30 last night u.s. marshals came to this apartment warrant.eserves a prince george's county police called in to assist in a barricade situation. it has been going on several hours. but they believe a suspect is apartments.f these they believe that suspect is a and considered armed and dangerous. police remain here on the scene. they have evacuated that .partment building anybody lives in that buildin
. still got to work through some cloud cover. if you notice out to the west out into west virginia around eastern kentucky, that is another cold front. we'll show you that we've got some clearing starting to take place. i'll more details on all things weather in just a minute. back to you. >> we are following breaking news out of maryland. police or the scene air barricade. police have not released much information on this situation but this situation is in the 1800 block of greenwich woods drive in adelphi. we will continue to update with you more information as it becomes available. >>> to connecticut now where a third funeral is planned for today. this has students and teachers in newtown prepared to get back to their classrooms four days after the tragic shooting. all schools except for sandy hook elementary will reopen today. police continue to look for a motive. they say they are looking into 20-year-old adam lanza's computer for clues. >>> anti-gun advocates are stepping up their efforts for gun laws. as bob barnard reports, there were two rallies yesterday. >> reporter: this was a
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and that is later in sports.  . >>> thousands of gun enthusiasts are converging on northern virginia for a weekend gun show and that is already underway. despite recent mass shootings, there is a huge appetite for guns in this country. >> reporter: at this weekend's gun show in chantilly, virginia, both the dealers and their customers say that they're aware of the outcry of guns and gun violence in the country right now and are unapologetic in their thinking. >> any weapons? >> reporter: there are plenty of people here. hundreds were lined up and waiting outside two hours before the doors opened. >> one of the most heavily attended gun shows on the east coast. >> with all the political issues and all that, i think there is more people not interested in guns before and they are now. >> reporter: and this is a collection. he's an aviation lawyer from new hampshire. >> as can you see from just the collection here, there is everything from antique black powder, musk rats and modern machine guns and everything in between. >> reporter: according to the new national polling, 92% of those su
in support of gun rights discussing gun control. like senator joe manchin of west virginia. >> we had 20 beautiful babies that were slaughtered. that cannot be tolerated in america. >> reporter: funerals began monday for the 20 children and six adults killed. tuesday families said their final good-byes to two more 6- year-olds. jessica rekos and james mattioli. they are releasing new information today of the suspected shooter and his mother. he also said that the mother was found shoot in the head four times. while she was sleeping. in newtown, connecticut. i'm tory dunnan reporting. >> today virginia's governor said it's time to start discussing if school officials should be armed. bob mcdonnell said similar conversations took place in the month after the september 11th attacks and he thinks now main to time to extend that talk the school -- to schools. >> if people were armed not just a police officer but other school officials, that were trained and chose to have a weapon, certain simply there have been an opportunity to -- certainly there have been an opportunity to stop aggressors c
fox explains. >> reporter: northern virginia is the economic engine of the state. what is it that's transformed and built the economy? federal contracting. from 1980 through 2009 federal contracting in northern virginia increased from $1.7 billion to 38.5 billion, but there's worry the bottom could fall out. >> government contractors stopped doing business in fairfax county because it will be dramatically reduced. >> reporter: these two men were farther of the board meeting this week asking congress to hurry up and resolve the impending sequestration. >> if you make the kind of cuts that some suggest happen are then you're really hurting a lot of the small businesses and residents in fairfax county who rely on federal contracts for their livelihood and ultimately that trickles down to and affects fairfax county. >> reporter: fairfax county pulled in $23 billion in federal contract money in 2009. that's more than any county in the nation and $3 billion more than washington d.c. so what is it about fairfax county that makes it so attractive? dulles airport. the international airpo
coverage continues to-from- virginia to maryland. some places got more than a dusting of snow. lauren demarco was in parts of maryland and joins us live tonight with the latest. lauren. >> reporter: maureen, definitely very chilly out here and clear. and, of course, we saw the little bit of winter weather today. likely the last winter event of the year, and it's been a pretty uneventful 2012 as far as winter weather and snow. we had enough for some folks to see what they thought today brought. no major issues on i-270 as the snow came down. pretreatments helped to make the highways passible, plows and salt trucks taking care of the rest. >> i have all-wheel drive in the car. it's not bad. >> be careful. don't want to go too fast or too slow, on the other hand. be more careful. >> reporter: damascus, maryland, saw an inch and a half of snow. >> damascus and mount ayr get more snow, the smaller storms than other places. i think it's the higher elevation. >> reporter: it brought the kids outdoors for some fun the four-year-old samuel should sheep error error well tonight. >> what are you
-95, so montgomery cow, louding county, both virginia and matterhand, and the west virginia panhandle, i think we will see some accumulation. there is our storm moving in now. i'll tell you who gets what and when. some will get more than others. more in just a minute. >>> now to the wild ride that ended in a head-on collision. police tell us the suspects allegedly stole the car from landover, maryland. police spotted the car on oxen hill, but were unable to stop it before it crashed in the district near wheeler road and southern avenue. news4's jackie bensen is at a gas station in northeast where a woman may have been robbed by the tame suspects moments before the crash. >> reporter: police do believe that is the case. the woman was robs of her purse here at this bp gas station. she said something to him to the effect of justice is going to catch up with you. it did, and she was there to see it. >> i'm okay now. i just thank god he didn't hurt me. >> >> reporter: when sharon gardner saw this maxima, it was speeding away from the bb gas station, with the man who would just stolen her p
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